Testimonials for ihelpu?

"Thank you for organizing my office environment! You made the process move smoothly and quickly. Working with you was a very pleasurable experience. I have worked with a number of personal organizers over the years-you are the best. I look forward to continuing our relationship. I would very much like you to continue coming to my office, once or twice a month, for a "tune up."

I would strongly recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Again, thank you! All the best."

George Economides, Marketing Director, Maryland

"Tracie Claxton is a godsend. Her attention to detail, high standards, and patient persistence means I can sleep at night! With 100% confidence, I'd recommend Tracie for any challenge."

Kelly O'Brien, President, TurningPointe Marketing, Inc., Washington, D.C.

"ihelpu? is a small business owner's dream. Tracie and her company have filled in on a number of short- and long-term projects. Each time, the project has proceeded smoothly and according to schedule. Knowing that she and her company are behind me, has allowed me to comfortably bid out and take on large projects."

Madaline Vadkerty, President, Elite Occasion, Washington, D.C.

"Tracie Claxton of ihelpu? evaluated the disastrous state of our office, created a new system of organizing in a small and overcrowded area, and located attractive mobile storage solutions that solved our problems handily. She did all of this in a very short timeframe. On top of her many talents, Tracie is easy to work with and fun to have around. I highly recommend Tracie for any business services your company may need."

Missy Cross, Owner, Resonance Bodyworks, Maryland

"Thanks for making me look good! As a busy Realtor, your services have made a tremendous difference to my clients. You've done a superb job of helping my clients prepare their homes for sale. I appreciate your professionalism, your organizational skills and your winning attitude."

Ron Sitrin, Long & Foster, Washington DC

"Tracie has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism in her dealings with Bank of America, and other corporate and diplomatic members of the Consular Corps. Applying a positive and hardworking attitude, she has always impressed me as someone who knows how to get things done and meet deadlines. Ms. Claxton is a great team player and team leader. Tracie excels in motivating others to complete the tasks at hand within the required timeframe. It has been a privilege to work with her."

Jennifer Boussuge Senior Vice President, Bank of America, Washington DC

"When I joined the Consular Corps, in 1989, Tracie was assistant secretary for the executive committee. In effect, her duties required her to assume all of the responsibilities of the Secretary-who was an appointed diplomat with little experience or time. Tracie assumed responsibility for each and every assignment and completed those duties to everyone's satisfaction. She arranged monthly luncheons, meetings and annual dinner dances, kept accurate membership dues, enrollment records and generally ran the day-to-day operations of the Consular Corps. Tracie is an outstanding individual and employee. She brings a mature and professional attitude-together with talent, loyalty and a strong work ethic-to any task."

Charles W Sharkey Vice President, American Bank Note Company, Newark DE

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