About ihelpu? Administrative Services

Tracie Claxton is the owner and operator of ihelpu? Tracie was inspired to create her business after a life-threatening illness helped to clarify her priorities. Tracie is married with two small children. Twenty years of administrative, marketing and sales experience stand behind Tracie's work. She traveled with Nelson Mandela on his presidential tour of the U.S., serving as a media team participant. Tracie's talents and diplomatic experience provided a valuable asset in guiding the South African media delegation throughout the country.

Traccy ClaxtonAs a small business owner and the spouse of a small business owner, Tracie understands the pressures that business owners face. She believes that growing and operating your business requires first-class and flexible service. Tracie is dedicated to helping people succeed, whether they are a sole proprietor, small business owner, or a top manager in a large corporation.

Proud Member Of the The National Association of Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants
			and the American Management Associate
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